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About our Summits.

Sparkeey Summits are the new C-Suite Socials.
Who you were in the Past is irrelevant,  we connect people  relevant to the future

Step into the future of business and workplaces with the innovative new format of business Summits. We call it Socials. Sparkeey socials bring people building a better future together 

Designed for the leaders of the new market and business world built on the new drivers of the consuming economy such as sustainability.  A world thriving on the ethos of Gen Z and Gen Alpha coupled with hybrid technology and social media. 

Sparkeey business Summits are the new socials for successful and emerging business leaders. Every Speaker carefully selected for their expertise, influencers on the rise, power packed curated content.


Networking circles curated to emerging trends.


Managed in UK by Pixelated Crumpet Limited 


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